New forums, marketplace, website and upcoming updates!

Michael (Owner)
2016-03-22 14:22 (UTC +2)

Dear community,

We hope you are enjoying the new forums as much as we are, the new forums have brought us much more possibilities and opportunities on the forums and overall enlarging our professionalism as a whole.

Furthermore, after a few discussions with the Staff Team, Lead Developers and browsing the suggestion section, we have decided to work on updates that would bring the server and the players a bright atmosphere and an enjoyable gameplay.

We are currently in production of SOLS v4.5 meaning that we are developing some features that would give an even advantage to the server and the players in terms of roleplaying and overall gameplay.

Also to inform you that we as a whole team, we are monitoring the suggestion system and we are working on the suggestions you give us, trying to figure out how each suggestion would turn out and so on.

In addition, we are preparing to develop v4.5 (version 4.5) which will include:

- Job and Employment System including legal & illegal jobs.

- Black Market System which will serve the need for many things.

- More barriers and roleplay objects for the need of LSPD.

- Fixing the majority of core bugs and anti-cheat glitches.

- Transformation of interiors and public destinations. (More Mappings)

And much more!

Moving on to the next level!

Jason (Management)
2016-03-22 12:27 (UTC +0)

Hey there!

As you can see we have transferred to a new destination, a new platform full of chances and advanced moderation.

We hope you like the new forums, website and marketplace because it would be our final destination where we will grow to the fullest, make long lasting threads and continue our laughter, joy and excitement all together.

The home webpage will serve the need for global updates regarding the server and forum, including key details about sorts of applications, events and so on.

The marketplace will serve the need for donations and purchases allowing players to purchase a donator package more easily, quickly so to save time and resources.

If anyone has questions regarding our new platform, every question should be sent to either myself or Dizzle.

Overall we have huge expectations and wonderful feedback gathered from all over the server, we hope to continue with our progress to bring the absolutely significant gameplay and support to those who are in need and to enforce rules when appropriate.

All-important inquiries regarding the new platform including any issues, forum bugs or other should be sent to